Books Banish Loneliness

If I can lose myself in a really good book, my mind can’t wander to sad or hard subjects, in fact, it doesn’t want to.

About Being True

We only get so many moments. I’m tired of wasting them on people and situations that simply do not rate.

In Defense of the USPS

A random note from someone I care about has the power to turn my day around instantly.

Crisp in the Fall

I am trying to hold onto the past right now, more tightly than I should, and I know that. But when the future seems so unsure, it’s easy to cling to what you know was good.

Fighting Like Hell

As someone I admire has often pointed out to me, the universe owes us nothing. Just because we exist doesn’t mean we deserve a single thing. We have to fight for what we want.

Making the Best of It

This has been a good test for me in the “letting things go” department, and while I’m not sure I’m passing with flying colors, I don’t think I’m failing spectacularly.

A Good Wallow

Depending on the situation, maybe you need a few hours or days or maybe a full week of wallowing. Maybe you’re going to need a month. Setting a time limit is important.