Making the Best of It

This has been a good test for me in the “letting things go” department, and while I’m not sure I’m passing with flying colors, I don’t think I’m failing spectacularly.

A Good Wallow

Depending on the situation, maybe you need a few hours or days or maybe a full week of wallowing. Maybe you’re going to need a month. Setting a time limit is important.

A Short Note on People Who Suck

These people are often charming (when they want to be), clever (and they know it), and seem like normal people at first. I usually don’t realize their level of suckitude until I’m half in love with them.

You Can’t Change People

It turns out, I need organization. I need to plan things out. And I don’t need to apologize for living my life this way.

Just New Shoes

Ultimately new shoes are not life altering. This isn’t some great change, something that will make or break me by any means. But it’s a little way of letting go.

Why I Read

I tend to shutdown pretty quickly in a conversation if a person tells me that she or he doesn’t read books. I don’t understand this at all.

Calvin the Dog

Walks are great, cheese is better (t-shirt forthcoming); belly rubs are aces; naps are the epitome of existence.