Calvin the Dog

This is Calvin the dog. He’s a two-ish year old dachshund-poodle who likes pretty much all things dogs like. Walks are great, cheese is better (t-shirt forthcoming); belly rubs are aces; naps are the epitome of existence.

I’m not sure about this dude’s background, but hey, we all have baggage. He came from Big Bones Canine Rescue, ending up in Colorado after wandering around Texas for a bit.

I turned thirty this past March and I guess my big this-stage-of-life crisis was getting a dog. He has allergies, and doesn’t always like other dogs, but he and I are figuring it out as we go (like we all are!).

He is named for the titular character in Calvin and Hobbes, without doubt the defining comic of my childhood. I used to cut out strips from the newspaper and glue them to construction paper, making my own comic books.

Like with anything, there have been ups and downs with this pup, but the overall takeaway is positive. He needed a home, I had a home that was missing something, so we work together swimmingly!



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