A Short Note on People Who Suck

We all do things that make other people crazy. We are a society of mouth breathers, interrupters, cut-off-in-traffic-ers, chewing-with-our-mouth-open-ers, non-text-back-ers, etc. There are so many ways we can irritate one another, and I am guilty of irritating the living daylights out of folks. I know that.

I can be overly enthusiastic, and put my (what are deemed to be unrealistic) expectations on others. My patience is super short sometimes, and I get snippy when I think people are being dumb or annoying or simply not responding to me in the way I’d like. If people use Comic Sans or the wrong version of “two, to, too” I haughtily respond in ways that are often rude. I know a lot of these things about myself and am working on them.

Suckiness is subjective, and largely open to opinion and interpretation. But I’ve encountered a great number of people in life who, to me, just suck. Again, through my lens, they haven’t tried, don’t care, and are in it for themselves no matter what. These people are often charming (when they want to be), clever (and they know it), and seem like normal people at first. I usually don’t realize their level of suckitude until I’m half in love with them (whether a friendship or a relationship).

I am trying to be better about heeding the warning signs before it’s too late. I’m trying to recognize what things I’m OK with and what things I’m not. I am completely sure that I do things that piss people off, and maybe to some, I am the problem. But I try to live my life in an aware and thoughtful manner, to think how my words and actions might impact those around me. I don’t always succeed, but I make amends as I can and do my best to learn from my missteps.

I have learned without question though, that some people are not worth my time. Some people just suck, and it’s better to let them go than to try to justify them. I’ve tied myself into knots for far more people than I should have, and ultimately, they did exactly what they wanted anyway. Whatever you want to call them, toxic, shit magnets, sucky, it doesn’t matter. Some people are just like that, and life is too dang short to put up with their shit.


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