Making the Best of It

It’s raining in Colorado, which is not normal. And it’s not raining a little, it’s been days, and it’s going to be days more, and I’m sick of it. One of the many reasons I moved away from the northeast was that I couldn’t stand the gray. I love fall, and a good rainy and foggy day from time to time, but the endless dreariness of winter (and often spring and autumn too) was too much for me.

So, here I am in Colorado, where we’re supposed to get 300 days of sun a year and we’ve had over a week straight of rain. The part that’s been really frustrating is I have friends visiting from a rainy country, and I told them that of course it would be sunny here! Don’t worry! Sunshine all day every day!

This is one of those things I can’t control though, and I am working hard not to worry and stress over it. It’s annoying, but I can’t change it. This has been a good test for me in the “letting things go” department, and while I’m not sure I’m passing with flying colors, I don’t think I’m failing spectacularly.

We’ve still managed to hike and bike and walk and see live music and drink beer and do all the great things Colorado has to offer. We’ve just been a little soggy. Bringing a positive attitude has made all the difference, and recognizing when I need to take a minute to recharge said attitude has been a really important lesson. Making the best of things, when the plan isn’t working as intended, is pretty much all life is, and this rain has helped me remember that.

A rainy but lovely day at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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